on my walk this morning

I walked over to my neighbors house this morning and found another little graffiti tag on the sidewalk.  Call me a bad person, but I actually kind of like the little tags that don't end up messing up walls or personal property.  Sure, it's illegal, and may be ugly to some, but it made me smile this morning.

Found this one earlier this week a few blocks away.  Same artist? 

isn't this pretty? I snapped a quick little shot of her living room while we were chatting.


  1. Very beautiful living room! Your friend has great taste!

    ciao from Newport Beach

  2. I love those mirrors on the mantle. beautiful!

  3. such a pretty sitting room! and i love street art. in san francisco there were stencils all over the sidewalks. i loved them! most people there walk so it was like having a museum rolled out along your daily commute. so fun!