my sweet father

Happy Father's Day Dad!

My aunt is in town from VA and she likes to look through the photo albums stacked in my grandma's closet.  She picks them at random and pulls them down, transporting us into some other time.  I like hearing the commentary and taking in all the great snapshots of the lives of my wonderful family.  I liked this especially today because I was missing my parents and seeing them made me smile.  This picture of my beautiful mom and sweet dad was taken in 1982 in my grandparents backyard.  I can practically smell the bbq smoke, hear the jazz and feel the warm cement on my bare feet.
This is my Grandpa Awesome.
This picture was taken at the cabin he built in Heber, Utah.


  1. Those are great photos. I think the thing I like best about the backyard one, is that we could walk out there right now, and it looks just the same!

  2. Thanks for sharing these amazing photos. I know there are lots more stashed in Grandma's house. I love those people so much and miss them tremendously. Why isn't the world smaller?

  3. Talk about smelling. I can SMELL the cabin!!! Oh my heck! And look at your darling parents. Pups I tell ya.