Mother's Day in Uganda

 It was a pleasant surprise to find that our ever changing dates for our trip ending up including Mother's Day.  I can't think of the last time my brother and I were both with our mom on the holiday. 

My parents wanted to introduce us to some of their friends so we drove out along one of the many dirt roads in Mbale, then turned off down an even more narrow dirt road.
 This was the kind of Africa I wanted to see and really experience.  One evening just wasn't enough meeting the people my parents have gotten to know.  But it was a lot of fun even if it was short lived.
 The great thing about taking pictures of the kids is if you show them the image taken of them they light up and laugh and scream and want more pictures and soon you have a whole gang of kids that want in on the action.
This is Peter with his truck he made.  He really impressed my nephew Devin with his creativity.
This is William with his gorgeous granddaughter.  He is a pastor and lives in the building behind him.  It is just a short walk to his church building.  He took us over to see it and some of the kids we were playing with followed us but hung around the door unsure if they wanted to follow us in.  Soon they did and more and more children gathered in and sat with us on the benches. My mom asked if they wanted to sing a song.  I've uploaded a short clip of the action below.


  1. You are one lucky person to be able to experience this, great pictures.

  2. I am loving following your journey through Africa with your parents. You capture it so beautifully with your photographs and words, an artist for sure. It is so different than I could ever imagine. What beautiful people.

  3. Such a beautiful world we live in, full of beautiful people.

  4. When I saw the photo of all the kids smiling I thought of that old saying "A smile is the same in every language."

  5. You are a wise woman to record your travels and your impressions. Would have loved to see a photo of your family, too.

  6. these pictures are beautiful! i love the vibrant colors. how lucky that you were able to visit, even for a short time!