in Jinja: kilombera and the source of the nile

With over 600 images to sort through I don't know what to share with you.  I can't possibly begin to tell you about everything I experienced, but I can give you a sample of some of the things I saw.  For every image I brought home with me in my fast little camera, I have countless more snap shots in my memory.  I don't know how anyone could leave Africa without leaving a bit of their heart there.  I know I did.
Boda Boda - Motorcycle taxis. No limit to how many passengers can be piled on or what kind of load they'll carry.
The source of the Nile. An underwater natural spring in Lake Victoria. It takes the water 3 months to travel the course of the longest river in the world.

We visited a shop where they create hand woven fabrics. The name of their company, Kilombera, is the name of an African weaver bird. The male makes the nest and if the female doesn't like it she rips it to shreds and he starts over.

We spent a bunch of time driving and dubbed it our 'Toyota Safari' for all the wonderful sites we saw going from one place to the next.  Ranking our favorite parts of the trip, the time spent driving is right at the top of my list because of the constant change in scenery and time with the family.

Papyrus fields below and a type of Protea above.


  1. wow, wow, wow! i am completely inspired to take a trip to africa. a little volunteer work and a little exploring sound perfect. i hope there are tons more photos coming! :)

  2. love these pictures, jenna! it is really difficult to express in words how beautiful experiencing africa is. i long to go back. and the kilombera bird!? that is too much! things are so simple in nature ;)

  3. beautiful images..especially the last one! very interesting to see..my husband and I sponsor 2 children who live there via Plan International. I also put the logo of the organisation on my blog


    lovely greetings


  4. I am so excited I found your blog! your pictures of your trip look amazing.I can't wait to go back and read your older post. I would be honored if you would visit my blog and tell me what you think.


  5. I am really enjoying these photos. So much to take in! Especially the close up shots are the remarkable foliage.