blustery blossoms

I spotted rows upon rows of pink blossoms swaying in the wind this morning on my way to work and as impulse had me swerving to the curb, I consulted the dashboard clock to see if I even had time for a diversion to go quench my compulsion to capture them in my little silver camera.  No luck, but later, most definitely.

Instead I walked into work on time and was welcomed by some chairs who showed up from Lee yesterday during my mid week weekend.  They are absolutely divine.  And while I love a neutral chair, the first thing that comes to mind when I see a pretty one is usually, 'What color will I use with it to make things interesting?'

So I chose the cherry blossom pattern today even before I made it back to the selections to see if I agreed with myself.  I do. And it'd be fun to create a whole space around this fun fabric, going either way with the spa color way or the blossom red

It is another blustery spring day out with giant gray clouds and I'm the last standing lunatic I'm sure that can't get enough of the crazy spring weather. 


  1. That chair looks so comfortable and would be smashing with the red or ultra sophisticated with the 'spa blue'. The blossoms are much better than the geometric.

  2. i love cherry blossoms, they're such wonderful inspiration! about a month ago we drove up to san francisco, which involves a long drive through central california, which is basically all farmland. there were rows and rows of cherry trees for miles and miles, all abloom in brilliant whites and pinks. i desperately wanted to stop, hop the fence, and twirl in the falling petals. sigh...

  3. fields of blossoms sound so lovely Kimbirdy! I bet is smelled heavenly too.

    I think I should have been more specific, the chairs are upholstered in the geometric pattern, so the blossoms would be my way of rounding off the corners a bit. Best of both I say. =)