my {imagined} house

When I look up at my little bungalow when I get home at night, this is what I see. 
 It may really look like any other older home in the Avenues {top left image}but to me there is something magical about it.
Maybe I've imagined it so many times it has become a secret shared between the house and me and it seems to shimmer between reality and imaginary.  What could be if only the weathered wood was painted a pretty color and the brick {I know this is bordering sacrilege} was painted a pretty warm grey. 
 I would take great pleasure in yanking out all those nasty bushes and dated wrought iron to build retaining walls out of stacked stone to compliment the sand stone porch steps. I'd plant a beautiful xeriscape type garden on each level with herbs and blossoming bushes.  Instead of a lamp post, spotlit stairs and architectural details.  Instead of a storm door, something inviting like high gloss terracotta orange.
The porch would have a thick colorful rug and beautiful lighting with cozy chairs to curl up in to enjoy the view of the city below.
And the details...OH! the details.  From unique house numbers, to window treatments to accent the colors used on the exterior... It is never quite the same dream twice, an ever evolving thing that changes with my mood and the inspiration I've run across during the day.  I hold up an idea like a dress to see if it fits.

What would I do with all that free space in my head if I weren't dreaming about design?


  1. Oh My Goodness - I love your thoughts on change for this and the evolving ideas of 'Blah into Beautiful'. I hope that in the future, you will have the house of your dreams with all the changes incorporated into it...You have such a way of weaving your words with descriptions that make us all want to come spend time with you. Love ya Miss Sparrow!

  2. Looks beautiful. I can't wait to see what you do with a house of your own one day, Jenna.

  3. what a darling house. i love the avenues.
    and i am with you on painting brick. there are so many tragically ugly brick homes out there that could be transported through a little paint. i wouldn't think twice about painting brick, but i know some people freak out about it.

  4. what a gorgeous imaginary house!!! i love painted brick.


  5. ha! i did hair modeling when i was 17/18 (still skinny) for TIGI products and my hair stylist.

  6. Okay, you got me...what is xeriscape landscaping. Gotta know!!

  7. xeriscape is all about water conservation and using local plants to create a natural look that is earth friendly. Yep, hippie to the core.

  8. and when you are done, can you come make me one just like it? i love bungalows and desperately want one of my own someday... someday when i can afford it that is. oh california and your ridiculous real estate prices!

    love your pretty blog!

  9. I can't believe I actually knew something that GrandmaNutt didn't!! YES! I am so happy:()