getting in the mood

I know it is still January, but I'm excited for the upcoming holiday.  I'm a geek for this holiday, decorating a box for cards every year in grade school was so much fun.  The doorbell ditching, the flowers when I was teenager head over heels with puppy love... I still love it today, just for other reasons.  Decorating and excuses to make pretty things.
{love magnet from tannerglass}
 I'm going to be attempting a wreath similar to the one above, minus the hearts.  I'm going for a more organic look that I can enjoy all year.  Also love the heart chain by paperpoloroid.
{sweet bracelet is by vintagerepurposed}
"I love you like a fat kid loves cake."
Now that's true love.  I want this!
{etsy shop}


  1. There is nothing better to deal in than LOVE in all its shapes, forms, sizes, and colors. Knock yourself out and "Love" every minute of it.

  2. This is perfect! Thanks so much for including my LOVE magnet!