love is spoken here

 My grandparent's home is the hub of our family.
I thought about this as I listened to my cousin explain to her daughter how we all fit together, connecting us with the people she is more familiar within her family. We may be scattered from coast to coast {and beyond} but it all comes back to this little brick home stock full of love.  Built by my grandpa and filled with treasures from his travels in the Air Force, paintings done by my grandma in every room, and chairs that have upper case names like Grandpa's Reading Chair and Grandma's Brown Chair, everywhere I turn there are memories; some old, and some in the making.  I love being there any day of the year but especially during holidays when there are yummy smells and family gathered there.

One of the things I love about the kitchen are the cupboards.  Packed with all the things needed to pull off a holiday.  And since I'm not a cook in the family, rather a dish washer, I have come to love the items and the way they all fit snugly back where they came from at the end of the day.

I'm easily drawn to pretty things, organizing, and pulling off a well planned day. Sometimes I think I can easily take for granted the other little things that matter even more.  The laughter, the way each person fills in their place that makes a family and the love that ties us all together.  Can't find that kind of greatness in a cupboard!
I've started my own Thanksgiving tradition over the last few years.  A nice long hike in the morning makes me feel less guilty about the gluttony later on.  And I think it is a great way to start out a day all about giving thanks since being outside is just one of the many things I'm thankful for.
Roy - {the Snow Ninja from last post}


  1. Beautifully put. I am sure it was a lovely day.

  2. Lovely post Jenna. And the cupboard really reminds me of my grand Aunt Mollys house. The way you talk about the snug fit in the cupboards...so funny how there is no stylist hanging around but the oldies just get it right somehow? Paula

  3. I recognized my Mom's cupboard as soon as the post flashed on. What a beautiful, poetic way of expressing love and gratitude. Make sure that Mom (Grandma Awesome) reads it. I am going to print it out right now and put it in my journal where I can read and savor every word without having to boot up a machine. Love you dearly sweet niece.

  4. As we sat around our Thanksgiving table we started saying how we were missing Grandma Fry's Jell-O mold, and the fresh strawberry preserves. We LOVE Grandma's house!