Danish Modern: just scratching the surface

I've started reading a new book {above}about one of my favorite design styles.  The Danish Modern movement started in 1930 and reigned for 40 years overlapping Mid-Century and Art Deco, two other favorites of mine.
{yes, I know, I have a lot of favorites, but I can because I'm sincere.}

Eero Saarinen's Tulip dining table {above}is a piece I would LOVE to own someday.  And especially so now that I have a thing for marble.  Reading about his contemporaries is a delight.  Guys like Frits Henningsen, Alvar Aalto and Tapio Wirkkala are a few lesser known names from this time period.  I'm only 22 pages into the book and I can tell it is going to take me awhile because I'm simultaneously googling every name I come across to see what I can find on him.  
More to share as I go, I'm sure.
{borrowed images from here, here, and other places...}


  1. Danish Modern is a style to which I have never warmed. Just too sleek I think but funny that you would title your posting as 'scratching the surface'. That is one style of furniture which you would never scratch without everyone knowing it.

  2. It is all so beautiful to look at. I know nothing about design so it's fun to read your blog and learn something new!

  3. That one set of chairs are amazing wonder what they are like to sit in