Best House: Stately Presence

These ultra sleek town homes are at the bottom of my street.  Nice modern take on the classic Federal style. Love the stately presence, the black window casings and high impact doors. {especially at night all a glow.} 

I've really gotta come up with a way to get invited into these homes to see if the interiors wow as much as the exterior.


  1. Ring the door and tell them you are a photographer for Design Sparrow - a style and design column - and their house has been chosen to feature.

  2. Take a friend and jog by there at night. You should be able to glance into the first floor windows and get an idea. You will probably be disappointed to find out that many will not be decorated at all, but only 'lived in'.

  3. Sorry, I'm commenting on everything! I absolutely adore the federalist style. It's fun to see that same style in a townhome. I recently built a saltbox style home in a very typical "utah" style neighborhood. We stick out a bit but I do love the stately look.