lined with sunshine

 Today was the kind of fall day that should go down on record as perfect.  Scattered rain, lots of sunshine, mountains blazing with changing leaves... gorgeous.
 I got home from a day full of fun just in time to enjoy my corner of the world lined with sunshine.
 My mouser.  
We've started a new game of catch and release.  Just now she brought me a tiny gray mouse.  Dropped it on a pile of fabric, looked over at me with a grin, then batted the scared little thing to get it to run.  She doesn't hurt it, she just brings it inside to play.  I whisked her into the bathroom, caught the mouse and put it back outside.  She is now playing a tireless game of cat and mouse.  Sans mouse.  {Is that mean?}
 Fall could go on for months for all I care.


  1. Stunning photography, Jenna.

  2. Fall is the prettiest and best time of all the seasons. Maybe I should get out and take closeups of my mums, but I know that I could never get the beauty in my shots that you can. What is your cat's name?

  3. I LOVE Fall! October is the bestest month of the year.

  4. So glad that we get a glimpse into your world:)

  5. the cat's name is Vespurr {she came with it} but she mostly goes by Cat.