gallery stroll recap

the gallery stroll last night was great.  I've done the stroll a few times and it is like any other gallery experience, if I can walk away being truly inspired by just one piece I consider it a success.  Not that I'm that hard to please, it just isn't something you can force.  Being truly moved by a piece of art, that is.  The night was off to a great start as we walked into the little Frame Shop on 6th Ave and the artist immediately started an enthusiastic and unpretentious conversation about his work with us.
I love a humble artist, especially when his work is really wonderful.
After a few more galleries and a few more than a few blocks walked we stopped at the park at the bottom of Capitol Hill so I could play around with my silly little camera.  My favorite image is the one at the top of the post for the color and movement.
As the hansom cabs drove past each other the driver heading into Memory Grove congratulated the other cab coming out of the park.  I can only assume something romantic was proposed and accepted.  Is it something the cabbies radio to each other?
"Roger that good buddy, she said yes!" 


  1. Wow! Beautiful observations and descriptions of life as always. And I too really like the top image. My first thought was that you had photographed one of the pieces of art in the stroll, until I read your entry. Very cool!

  2. I liked the little vignette you sketched for us about the hansom cabs. You seem to live in Wonderland, or so you make every experience and adventure feel like. I would love to see life through your eyes always.

  3. The evenings here lately have been so wonderful! I can see why you are out and about enjoying all that you can by foot.