best house on the block: potential

 It has been awhile since I shared a 'best house on the block'.  I hesitate because I see through the updates and overgrown shrubs and see The Best House while the pictures just show what others might see.  My friend told me when I stopped for this one that he just doesn't see what I see. Maybe I should change my game to potentially the best house on the block and include changes?  Fun?
{Example:  landscape, mix in some natural materials on the facade, paint, etc.}
 The perk to this house, aside from the view of the valley and sweet modern lines, is the location.  A block away from the BST {Bonneville Shoreline Trail}trail head at the top of our neighborhood makes it even more appealing to me.
The dog doesn't come with the house, but he is my new walking friend.  I met him earlier this week and my beliefs on love at first sight changed forever.  The really great thing about him is I can borrow him whenever I want and then he goes to his house, and I go to mine.


  1. You make friends with anybody and everybody. You have such a generous heart and fun nature. They say that animals and children have a feel for the good in a person. Guess that explains somewhat your mutual attraction with pets.

  2. I like your best house on the block series - keep it going!