project: borrow ditch desk

If you remember a few posts back {like it was so long ago} I showed you this project midway through as I was playing with color possibilities.
I brought the table home, took it apart, marveled over all the really great patina on the hinges and wished they could be brought back to working order because I loved the idea of a drop leaf table.  Unfortunately I couldn't pull it off without dumping a bunch of money into the project and I didn't want to spend much on a table I borrowed from the gutter.
{I did salvage all the parts for another project someday if you have any ideas for me.}
Keeping in mind the bare minimum budget, I picked one of my old dining chairs and spray painted it green, then used an oversize memo sample for the cushion.  
{I received not so subtle hints from The Cat that she didn't approve of all the stapling.}
I don't think I'm set on the white.  I feel like it just a temporary thing.  I don't know where it will go from here, but there is something brewing.  
For now I'm excited for all the fun projects I want to tackle now that I have a desk instead of having to haul in my drafting table and set up camp any time I want to do something needing a work surface.

{oil painting discovered in my talented Grandma's attic.}


  1. Beautiful desk! And I love how it's all set up with the lamp and chair. It looks very inviting!

  2. Genius....especially checking out Grandma's attic and finding gold.
    The lime green chair is a tart touch. I talked to your mom yesterday and she said her fav color is white so she should really love your white table. A spark of white always adds life.

  3. So great Jenna. I want some of grandma's fab talent displayed here. I guess I better discuss it with her next time I see her.