I'm home.  Or at least I think I am.  After spending the last two weeks with the people I love so much it is hard to call my place in the world home.  But it is good to be back.  As I was flying into SLC this afternoon work thoughts started to line up in my mind as if to welcome me back and give me just a few reasons why I shouldn't pack up and move back to Korea to live out a life expat style.

Who am I kidding?

While I may be a bit homesick for my sweet family I get to see every year or so and the idea of living as a foreigner is almost always appealing to me, Salt Lake is home.  As soon as I get my schedule figured it out {is it midnight or 3 in the afternoon?} I've got a list the length of my arm I want to do with all this great fall weather.


  1. Coming in to land in SLC is, without a doubt, one of the most amazing and colorful experiences. No where else do you see the Great Salt Lake with its phenominal colorations and serpentine shapes. I have always loved flying into SLC. Welcome home Kid.

  2. love seeing all your wonderful pictures from down below and from up above

  3. Stunning photos. I landed a few days ago right at sunrise. The lake and mountains turned a glowing velvety orange. I heart SLC.

  4. wow jenna! being new to utah and not that "seasoned" at flying in to the slc airport, i am stunned at those photos. one more thing to love about utah i guess. (and your artistic eye which captured it all)