a happy weekend to you

My views on the way to work yesterday.
{above Memory Grove}
The only thing that could have made the moment better would have been to have Dave Matthews singing my favorite song of his.  Oh wait.  He was.
{Satellite, the live at Luther College version}
I woke up this morning with frost on my boots after a completely snug night spent in a sleeping bag up a canyon somewhere.

I was getting used to the reality of a cold morning when I became the pancake pan holder {very important position} and instead enjoyed the warmth coming off the griddle and the pan warming my hands.

Happy rest of the weekend to you my dear friends.


  1. Obviously you were up in an unknown canyon with a whole bunch of people or else you were raveous for pancakes. They did look delicious though.

  2. Ah, I miss Utah fall weather. More than you know! Enjoy for the both of us...

  3. Nothing better than camping with a bunch of friends! I think it is time for me to go camping again:)