project: my new desk

I found a super cool drop leaf table in the gutter the other night while I was out running and immediately went back for it. {my carpenter tells me not to call it the gutter, it's the borrow ditch!} I've sanded it down, replaced the top with a solid piece of pine because the original was too warped to work with.  I made it a bit longer so I could really spread out though I might trim it down a bit more because the proportion is off but I'll wait til I see it painted.
Now the fun part: how should I finish it??
I brought it inside and put it in place so I could dream about the possibilities.  The original idea was to leave it natural with a clear polyurethane top coat but color is much more appealing now. 
Next stop: mis-tints at the paint store to see what 50 cent possibilities are out there. The goal: keep this project under $30.  {It is a stray after all.}


  1. I choose RED:) You would think I was a U fan, wouldn't you?

  2. What about teal/aquamarine? With white legs?

  3. Not only a lucky find, but a smart one.

  4. So COOL!!! I would leave it natural. But anything is going to look awesome.

  5. Do you ever watch Sarah Richardson on HGTV? That is her big effort...re-purposing....the biggest bang for the smallest buck.

    I'm just going to sit back and see what happens to Jenna's treasure find. I won't be disappointed.

    What eer happened with the lady who was refinishing her mud room? Did she pick the stripe or your recommendation?

  6. The mud room fell victim of a busy summer. Maybe one day we'll get back to it :)