d.i.y. fresh wreath

Remember when I said a wreath made out of succulents was high on my wish list but I was worried I wouldn't be able to keep a living wreath alive? Well, I cut a couple of these pretty little things from the front garden and realized I might be onto something when they still looked as fresh as the day I cut them two months later.

The problem was we don't have all that many of them and while I've seen them growing abundantly out hiking, just never directly off the trail head or anywhere convenient.  I was set to hike with a bag and scissors until I spotted them growing on an empty lot just a few blocks from my house.
I doubted anyone would care, but I still decided to go back under the cover of darkness.  Besides, it adds the sneaky adventure element to the project.
wiring them to the wreath form was fun, if not a bit painful.  I don't know how I managed to wedge bits of these plants under my fingernails, but I am typing with 8 fingers instead of 10.

overall I'm pretty happy with the finished product.  It is especially lovely and fresh right now because the fabulous late summer rainstorm I'm completely enjoying has left fresh droplets all over it.


  1. I am assuming the two fingers you are typing w/o are your thumbs?! cuz otherwise you would really be an odd typer. But knowing you, you could do it easily.

    Love the wreath. Not much else to add to that because the wreath is so perfect, and so is your door.

  2. Great work - love it!

  3. Love the wreath too!! I love the green with the red in your awning! Perfect:)

  4. this is a neat idea, love it.

  5. love the door! (and the wreath)--sent the idea to my friend who lives in cactus country :)