Zing Me!

I had no idea doing a giveaway could be so fun.  If I could, I would do one every day.

Thanks to random.org I didn't have to pick the winner, that would have been much too difficult with all the creativity going on! {if you didn't go back and read the comments after posting, you should, RC1 let loose his mad rhyming skills.}

The winner is:  FRYBABY!
Consolation prize: If you can tell me what you movie this comes from you get the super prize of satisfaction of knowing a great movie. {no fair googling}

"Wouldn't it be wonderful if I could pass all my zingers to you?"

photo from a recipe on  lickthebowlgood, a super fun foodie blog with a great recipe for key lime squares.


  1. You've Got Mail! And I knew it without reading Devry's comment. Promise. Great movie.

    I totally think Frybaby should win! I hope it helps her feet. :)

  2. I won??? YES!!! Although I think RC1 put a lot of thought into his and my response was just off the cuff! My feet are feeling better already!!

  3. Thanks for linking back to my blog- I appreciate it!

    Congrats to the winner of the zester :-)

  4. Holy Cow....I feel sorry for that nice, new zester going to Frybaby's house. Just as long as she doesn't try to cook with it, too. Congrats, Little Sister.

  5. You got mail! Unfortunately I'm a little slow catching up. Great movie.
    By the way, I love NieNie. Mormon Messages even did a clip on her. She is amazing. Glad you found her!