happy sunny monday morning

It's hard to say what my favorite time of day is in my little corner of the world on B Street is because like it here so much all of the time.

Early morning is definitely awesome.  For a basement I have a ton of natural light.
A friend of mine thinks I'm crazy for living in a such a tiny place where I don't have a bedroom separate from my living room.  Until she said something I'd never even thought about it.
 To each her own and all that. 
I like using my tiny sofa as a bed much more than sitting on it so it is only up when I have friends over.

These sexy creatures are happy to stand in the corner out of the way.  Turns out to be a much safer spot than on top of the book case where they used to reside.  That was before they took turns breaking their ears of with some fancy diving skills.  Maybe a little ironic that I could carry them home safely from Africa without incident only to have them go buck wild once we got home.

My garden is loving all the great light as much as I am.  I've tried basil with just about every meal I can think of and don't think I'll ever make a dent in the lovely plant.  My tomato and squash plants seem to be having a contest to see who can get the biggest.  Lucky for me it's been a low maintenance garden.
This was my last successful attempt at water color.  There have been a few more than many tries after this, but so far nothing I wouldn't shred if I owned a shredder.  I'd like art to be a little less frustrating and a lot more fun. 

A bit of kiche in my bathroom with some wacky brass seagulls I picked up at an estate sale {+PLUS+ a cool cereal bowl, a serving knife & a spatula totaling a whopping $2} and
a bowl of apricots have been on my side table the last few days as a healthy substitute to a candy dish.


  1. You have got to be the best person in the world with whom to live. Your outlook and interpretation of events and conditions are lovely and lyrical. I can just picture those giraffes cavorting around in your absence, and the brass seagulls soaring through wonderland. Anywhere you choose to live would be a blessed sphere.

  2. Those giraffes really are awesome! I like your little nook, and I've never even been there!

  3. I really love your house. It looks so perfect.