let's compare: healthy no bake cookie recipes

I forgot to eat dinner last night. I was bouncing around the house from this to that when I felt a little weird around 10 pm.  Famished?

Enter my new favorite treat: No Bake Cookies.  Fast, simple and pretty healthy.  I've tried a few recipes but haven't loved any of them enough to try again {except one, and it had mounds of sugar so of course it was yummy.}

This recipe I tried last night takes the cookie.  {See it here.} Next batch I think I'll add more things to it like golden raisins, maybe some sunflower seeds?  I'm thinking these could become a great substitute to my expensive Cliff Bars that ride around in my car with me like little stashes of energy.

And no, I didn't just eat cookies for dinner... I had popcorn and a mango too.

Do you guys have any suggestions for me on what to add to my evolving recipe?  I'll try anything, peanut butter being the only thing I really require from the mix.


  1. Yummy and simple are the two most important considerations. And with the hot summer you don't want to be turning on any heating device. Sounds like you have a winner.

  2. they do look good! that would have been alot better for me then the peanut butter M&M's I consumed for lunch

  3. Well at least you're getting some protein!

  4. Craisins sound good! I ate way too many white chocolate chip macadamia nut cookies yesterday that I purposely skipped dinner! YIKES!!

  5. ahhh jenna! making these used to be my favorite thing to do on a sunday night--takes me back. i eat cookies for dinner all the time, no shame in that--but good for you for adding a grain and fruit :) i like to use old fashioned oats instead of instant--try it!