peonies in the backyard

My grandma is such a fun friend. She used to paint and has given it up, but today she did. We went out on the back patio and used some of her beautiful flowers from her garden as our study. It was the perfect way to spend our sunday afternoon if you ask me.
I wish I could imitate the vibrant color of the peonies with paint. I don't know enough to blend the right colors, plus there is a certain luminescence to a living thing I'm not sure I could ever capture on paper.

She is so critical of herself. Always. I'm familiar with it because she'll say she can't right before she beats me at our game, and when she says her painting isn't any good, she goes and creates something pretty. I'm so blessed to have such a talented, fun loving grandma. She has become a dear friend over the years.

I went on a walk with my parents tonight {via the cell phone} and I was sad I didn't have my camera. I was trying to describe the colors the storm clouds were creating around me to them. I've been torn up about seeing my life without the feeling of wanting to capture it and saving it for later. Instead I'd like to enjoy the moment right now. Not obsessing over taking pictures is part of getting away from that because I'm forced to take it in right then and remember as much as I can. I couldn't help going back out again though tonight to see if the light was still doing amazing things. It was. The storm is here and the thunder is enormous outside. Should probably sign off and enjoy the light show right now.


  1. SO fun to talk with you!! Oh, that pict. made me miss my home!
    And the bridge, that you painted, that was where we got engaged!!!
    You were inspired! I ought to pay you for such a keep sake.
    Oh how I miss my Jenna.

  2. Check out my storm pictures!! We were loving the sky and the storminess last night too!!

  3. Beautiful grandma. How I love her. What a pretty painting. beautiful storm picture too. I love it.

  4. Grandma is so talented! I wish I could paint something half as well! Those storm pictures are pretty cool too!

  5. it would be fun to have some lessons from Elma, love the peonies.

  6. thnx, I didn't want to put grandma on the spot and put her painting up here too without her permission. :)