week 2 watercolor

the second week into the watercolor class and it is quickly becoming a highlight of my week.

I'm not falling in love with any of the studies we are doing, approaching them recklessly and not anticipating masterpieces at all. Instead, I'm playing with brush strokes and techniques and soaking in the creativity around me. I'm the least experienced by a decade or so, and I like seeing the different style of each artist around me.

We chat a little here and there; the silence is companionable and comfortable. Elanor, the lady sitting next to me, said last night that artists can say more by saying nothing at all just enjoying a moment together. I liked the sound of that. The happy birds singing out the end of the day, bunnies eating the herbs, squirrels and wedding guests wandering through our landscape all add to the ambiance of our evenings in the gardens.

I don't want this class to end.

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