party hearty bamboo style

My friend Jenny is in town and we'll be bbq'n tonight {rain or shine} and so I thought it fitting to throw out some fun bamboo items that would be great additions to any party.
I love these lanterns featured in Sunset awhile back. I saw similar ones at World Mart last week.

May showers bring love in the form of an umbrella. I'd like to carry it with me even when it isn't raining.
While we're accessorizing, I think these bracelets are great. Gobs n gobs or one at a time.
dishn out the goods

pull up a stool and catch up with dear friends.

{cool fact: Bamboo is the fastest growing plant in the world. It can reach its mature height in just one growing season. Makes this pretty, rapidly renewable plant friendly on our planet, which is another reason to party hearty don't you think? I'm such a hippie geek.}
Bamboo is considered lucky in many Asian cultures so send your guests off with a little something green.


  1. Ben salvaged some great bamboo stalks from the landfill and lashed them together to make a great outdoor flagpole for the cubscouts to do their flag ceremonies with. Reduce Reuse Recycle!

  2. Beautiful! I would like to throw an outdoor party with beautiful things.

  3. You are welcome to help yourself to our forest of bamboo. We often wonder what to do with all of it.

  4. Hey! There is a ton of bamboo in our neighborhood, but thanks to the snow storm, tonz of it got blown over. Such a thrill to know we need to just wait one growing season, and voila!
    Keep living for all of us!