new views and old roads

A quick walk around my neighborhood Sunday evening had me excited for future walks full of great discoveries. Threatening rain kept me close to home so I decided to set out 2 blocks in each direction to see what was close to home. "I can see the Capital from my house." {Said like that one lady republican we all know from Alaska.}

I know I'm a geek to be excited about my new proximity to down town but I should tell you that I have ALWAYS wanted to live where I'm living right now so I guess 'living the dream' takes on new meaning these days.

This is not a view of my neighborhood. But it is a slice of heaven on earth in Southern Utah {Kolob Resv. off Scenic Route 9} I've mentioned this road before, it's a must if you are ever in the area. Elevation climbs about 3,500 feet along the backside of Zion Natl. Gorgeous.
A new friend. Dileen Marsh. Check out her site. She is an illustrator and has done some fantastic work over the years you will recognize if you read the New Era, Ensign, or any of those magazines. My mom set up a chat with her while I was visiting so we could visit about what it is really like illustrating since it skitters around the back of my mind as something I might like to try.

We both agreed on the point that being an artist is both a blessing and a curse. Talking about creating art, she said something that couldn't be more true. "If the work is going well, life couldn't be better, if it isn't, things couldn't be worse." I enjoy other creative types. She was an inspiration, her cats were perfectly lethargic and her home was the epitome of an artist's retreat.


  1. I can picture you perfectly living in the Aves. It is hard to imagine you not living in them, which is strange since you never have. Can't wait to check the place out next time I am around.

  2. I'm totally jealous of your new neighborhood. I've wanted to live there for quite some time too. No fair! lol

  3. Glad to know that you are just enjoying yourself and not ignoring my calls/texts!:) I need to forward your mail..............call me:)

  4. no of course not Frybaby. Just didn't think you'd want me to reply after midnight when I got them. :)