memory grove

When I decided to walk down to the park this afternoon I hadn't set out to do anything special for the holiday tomorrow although the significance of the day has been on my mind. Just wanting to be outside I didn't think about Memory Grove being the perfect place to enjoy part of the holiday weekend. It was nice to stop and read the different plaques around the park.

I was half way out the door when I thought to grab my bag and take my paints with me. I'm glad I did because I found the perfect patch of sunlight to lay down in and play.
I like the first parts of a painting. Laying it out, putting down some washes, I like the feeling that something is about to happen. And then it does and I don't care for it much. Maybe one of these days I'll finish something and be satisfied with it...that day feels a long way off.


  1. It's alway hard to be happy with our own products in the end. I imagine all great artists go through life feeling somewhat dissatisfied.

  2. I feel that way, too, about my paintings. Why can't they look the way I imagine them in my head?

  3. I'll take that watercolor and frame it. It looks great and I always appreciate an original JMR.

  4. I love that place! And your painting totally brought me there. I know exactly where I'd be standing to obtain that view. I love it!