Part 1: the beginning to a beautiful day

Today, The Big Day {aka The Portfolio Event} has been a day I have been looking forward to with about every emotion I have in me. Anxiety, sometimes dread, but most of the time excitement mixed with fear of letting myself down and happiness knowing I was putting everything I have into something I care about. I've never worked so hard on anything in my life and the great surprise is that the anticipation of something has up until now been better for me. Today changed that. Real life was even better than all the dreams leading up to it.

The day started out after a couple hours of sleep {I was too excited to sleep} with a few finishing touches to my portfolio display. Then the girls, our friend Ben and I headed off for pedicures and lunch at Mazza. The five of us have really been close so it was so fitting to spend the afternoon together while our portfolios were being judged.

no one wanted pictures taken, we've all been tethered to our portfolios and haven't given much attention to other things like pulling it together to be seen in public places. In the spirit of relief and relaxation I happily sported my flippy floppies provided by the pedi people today to the restaurant in only the most hip part of town. {9th n 9th}

I don't feel like I can finish this story just yet with out images to back it up. You'll have to wait in anticipation for Part Two of how the rest of the day went down.


  1. Congratulations on such a sweet day full of anticipation and rich reward. I'm waiting breathlessly to hear about the actual reveal.

  2. I'm sure you did amazing. Can't wait to hear how it all played out.

  3. Come on! Give us more!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Looking forward to hearing.. It's my first visit, but I look forward to following! xoxo

  5. Yours was AMAZING. I could barely take it all in. I'm so proud of you. You totally deserve the win and I hope you post pictures up!