if you give a girl a spice rack

If you give a girl a spice rack, she'll probably want to bake something yummy. {matching glass spice bottles definitely on my wish list}

If she bakes something yummy, she'll probably want to do so in a super awesome kitchen. {can you believe this container home?!}

If she bakes up a storm in a super awesome kitchen she'll want to take it easy and read a book in a pretty library in a square of sunlight like a cat.

And if she could read any book it would be one that would teach her how to run without hurting her knees because she's a crazy girl and has agreed to run a race.


  1. How have I not been informed of this race?
    I don't have free texting, thus you never (or very rarely get a reply. I know I know!)
    And where do I find a brain like yours? Jenna, you have got to GO places...I"m talking BIG, not back to St..G. but BIG!!! Just GO GO GO GO....
    We miss our aunt Jenna!!!!!!

  2. I'm all about that library!

  3. What an incredible house. Is it really a grouping of containers? You really can take a small detail (spice jars) and build a dream out it. You are obviously in the correct profession.

  4. http://maluukkonen.blogspot.com/2010/02/brick-maps.html just found this thought you might like this

  5. Yeah.. and it all started with a spice rack. Funny what a little spice rack can do.

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