ice cool weekend

Looking back at my weekend, I'm seeing a trend in activities. Stewart Falls @ Sundance.

my first time snowshoeing and I loved it. It was a full moon so the snow sparkled and the shadows were unrealistic like I was in a black and white movie. We had a clear view of the falls the entire hike up +plus+ no one had been there for awhile so the fresh snow was perfect.

a story for another time: pouncing on a tiny mouse and the high speed chase that ensued.

Angela, Terry, me, Lane {ultimate adventure dude and mfc - male friend consultant - great for the ins and outs of dating}

Ice Castle at the Zermatt Resort in Midway, UT. My friend Adrienne told me last week, 'You take pictures of just regular icicles so you really should see this place.' She was right, way cooler than I thought it was going to be. Although the company was really what made it great.

Ice Skating in Midway. My favorite reoccurring dream is ice skating backwards. I like in real life too, but not as much as the dreams, bc in them I can practically fly I'm going so fast.

the question of the day I'll pose to you my dear readers: should I keep design sparrow strictly design, or continue inserting bits of life in with it? I hear all the time 'we miss Sushicat, bring it back!'
Was it the name? Or the stories? I'm trying to do it all here too. Keeping up 2 blogs just feel a little on the excessive side for this girl who is trying to par down on fluff. And really, there is no separating design/life for me. The two are completely intertwined. How do I take one out of the other? Where do I post the entry about ice when I could just as much make it all about how awesome the colors were and how we couldn't stop touching the texture or how my mind was whirring away w/ideas..


  1. I've only been reading this blog and I like the bits of life that make you design sparrow!

  2. I figured you would run into that quandry of how to depersonalize a blog. You lead such a crazy fun life that drives your design thoughts and your designing talents really whip up great insights on your daily craziness. How did you think that you could ever separate and compartmentalize your personality?!!

    I figured you were just your designing self by creating new blogs, running them up the flag pole, and seeing who would salute what. I love them all.

  3. Oh, and I absolutely delight in the first photo of the snow sculpture. Wouldn't that make a great wallpaper portrait in a bathroom? Brrrrrr!

  4. I say KEEP THROWING YOUR BITS OF LIFE INTO THIS BLOG because we love hearing about YOU....your thoughts, your accomplishments, your designs, and your FUN!!

    I agree about the first icicle pic....I thought it was a painting.

  5. love it the way it is-- i regularly check in here to get a lift, be inspired--it wouldn't be the same without your thoughts, experiences--so keep the bits of life! "life is what happens to you when you are busy making other plans." (jl) and we like it that way ;)