grab bag of memories

I'm visiting my parents in St. George and I'm deleting some of my old files on my dad's computer. I got distracted when I came across photos so I started grabbing them at random to share.

It might look like Ben caught me here but what you can't see is that seconds after the picture was taken he'll kick himself in the shin resulting in my quick escape. I may not always be faster, just more coordinated!

good old Coral Canyon Golf Course. I've had some great jobs and that one ranks near the tip top. How can you beat working outside with some of the most gorgeous scenery {Zions National} to enjoy in all kinds of weather, driving fast little golf carts and meeting people from all over the world?

my boys and me on a camping trip at Kolob Resv. I've gone on and on about them before so I'll spare you the memories that surfaced looking at photos of all our good times.

a slot canyon somewhere in Zion National.

Well, this has been a wandering entry with no point to it at all really except to share some of what I'm finding. Back to what I was originally after so I can go have some cookies and milk. It's nice to be home.


  1. "There's no place like home. There's no place like home." Although the slot canyon looks no place like home. Enjoy your visit and share with us all you want.

  2. I like seeing those old pictures - photos are the best!

  3. Jenna,

    I've been peeking at this art blog for a while and it makes me think of you. Check it out:


    She lives in Mexico and has some beautiful pictures of the country, and she paints watercolors of birds and nature, and she has an adorbale dog that you would probably go nuts for.