the chair and the silly girl

You could say Christmas came early today. We had a client special order a bar stool and to make shipping it from Canada worth the freight, we chose a few other items to fill the pallet.
I was asked to give my feedback on what to order and as we were scrolling through the options online I saw it. IT!! The Charles Eames Lounge Chair. {ok, it's a reproduction, but still, a pretty good one at that.}
What is so special about this chair? It is just beautiful. Comfortable. And designed by one of the greats. I've coveted it since the first time I laid eyes on it. With a price tag nearing 5 k I decided one day I'd get it when I had 'arrived' as a designer. Now having it's dear cousin hanging around the showroom available for a fraction of the price I am examining my scruples. Do I really need the real deal? Could it be considered selling out or maybe it is just my good common sense letting me know I don't need the real one when the fake would suffice. Brands don't sway me much anymore, but when it comes to Eames, it kinda is about the name.
Once, when I was dreaming of the day I would own one, I bid on a poster of The Chair on exhibit in NY just to have a visual reminder. I got out bid, and my friends laughed at my obsession. I might need that poster now to counter act the effects of the alternative...
It did feel like Christmas this morning hefting that box inside with snowflakes flurrying about and then waiting impatiently while it got put assembled so I could sit in it. Good grief Charlie Brown, it is the prettiest chair ever made.


  1. Does it come in red? :)

  2. A really good repro is worth its weight in gold. Go ahead and get it and when the time comes that you can purchase the real deal you can put this one up for sale or put it in your home office. It's Christmas time and you have earned a fab present. Too bad I can't afford it for you.

  3. I don't mind hand me downs!!!